Asagaya – Light of the dawn (2015) 

01. Intro (Asagaya Road part 1)

02. Elusive / Delusive ft. Lorine Chia

03. Suncat ft. Jay Prince

04. Redneck's Parade

05. Washy P ft. Jay Prince

06. Armenian Princess

07. The Nature Creature ft. Afrodyete

08. Penguin Beach ft. Jay Prince

09. Interlude (Asagaya Road part 2)

10. In The Mountain Of Bliss ft. Leron Thomas

11. Women ft. Akua Naru

12. Something On The Way

Asagaya – Light of the dawn 
The first part of the album is half-fantasy and half-realistic, immersing ourselves in the current modern world.

A panel of characters surrounding Asagaya shuffled with life. 
The second part leads into another reality, following a natural global disaster.

This new utopian reality mixes hope, mysticism and yeah, penguins. From life to death; from forgiveness to resurrection.


Released on March 30, 2015.


All tracks, instruments, vocals and drums arewritten and programmed by ASAGAYA. 

Produced by GUTS. 
Recorded and mixed by Mr Gib (La Fine Equipe) @ Studio OneTwoPassIt. 

Mastered by Blanka (La Fine Equipe) @ Kasablanka Mastering.